9 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


New Year’s Eve is right around the corner! How is your diet holding up?  Here are some tips to win the battle of the bulge:

1. Fill Up Before the Party
Before heading out to a holiday gathering, eat healthy meals during the day that include whole grains, high fibre, and protein in order to balance your blood sugar levels and fill your tummy. This will help tone down the urge to stuff your face at a party later on in the day.

2. Bring A Healthy Dish
When given the opportunity to bring a dish to a party, always opt for a healthy veggie or fruit tray.  This will ensure that you will have low-cal, low-fat snacks to choose from amongst all of the holiday treats.

3. Eat From the Salad Plate
Choosing to eat your meal from the smaller salad plate can help you to feel fuller with less food.  Your brain associates a full plate with a full belly and a plate with empty white spaces (using a big plate for example) with less food and hunger.

4. Eat Healthy Protein
Protein helps maintain a healthy weight because high-protein diets help you to feel full. Be sure to serve up some turkey, chicken, salmon, lamb  or ham, or prepare animal-free alternatives like quinoa, lentils, or beans.

5. Use Fiber to Fill Your Belly
Use high fiber foods or even fiber supplements to help balance your blood sugar levels and fill up your stomach. Snacking on vegetables and other high-fiber items like legumes can help keep us fuller, longer.

6. Drink Water
Drinking water before you eat and while you eat can help you to cut down on the amount of food that you consume. Putting your fork down and drinking a little water between bites to give the brain time to register fullness.

7. De-stress
The holiday season is full of cheer, but can be stressful too! Stress can trigger increased eating and cravings, especially for sugary carbohydrates. Try exercise, meditation or prayer  to help detress.

8. Make Sleep a Priority
Getting enough sleep can help shave off some pounds because sleep loss is linked to changes in appetite. Lack of sleep is associated with weight gain.

9. Exercise!
Move more and eat less. Make a conscious decision to be more active every single day – take the stairs or park the car far away from the grocery store entrance. Go outside and hike through the snow!

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